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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brain Research Helps Educators

Brains change based on experience…
Even students embedded in poverty!

Eric Jenson
, author of 26 brain-based books connects teaching and learning to brain research. Eric has inspired people around the globe to use music, arts, physical activities, positive emotions, environment, engaging states, and other essential ways to help students of all ages and learning styles achieve their learning potential. He is a master teacher offering highly engaging books, articles, workshops and conferences involving people in the highly effective brain-based learning process. Sign up for a free monthly newsletter at JensenLearning.com.

Enjoy the movie, The Blind Side for a compelling story of a young man moving from poverty and illiteracy to living and learning success, emphasizing the adaptability of the brain when given a chance. This is a movie the whole family will enjoy.

Special thanks to Eric Jensen for inspiring me to put key learning ideas to movement as the Body-Brain Boogieman.

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