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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rhythmic Bal-A-Vis-X Improves Reading

Balance, Auditory, Vision Exercise Builds Body-brain Integration

http://www.bal-a-vis-x.com/ describes a program of rhythmic exercises using Balance Boards, bean bags, and balls to build new body brain networks. The vestibular system is targeted since it unites the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic systems involved with reading, math and other academic pursuits. Social skills are also developed during teaming and peer teaching!

Bill Hubert created Bal-A-Vis-X activities teaching in the Wichita schools. He successfully identified why children and teens were struggling at school. Influenced by Frank Belgau, Carla Hannaford, Paul Dennison, Carl Delacato, Ingolf Mork and Sister Aegedia (all of whom will be featured on Body Brain Boogie blog)… Bill set out to strengthen eye teaming and smooth eye tracking, auditory discrimination, sensory dominance, laterality, directionality and other body brain functions called upon to read, write, and perform math.

Read Bal-A-Vis-X by Bill Hubert and get yourself tossing, catching, bounce-juggling and balancing in fun rhythmic ways. Experience intellectual, social and emotional gain improving your body brain.

Jeff Haebig

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