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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jeff Haebig teams with Body/brain Boogieman

Boost Brain Power with Exercise

Jeff Haebig and the Body/brain Boogieman team up, enlightening people about current neuroscientific research – then making this science come alive with simple and enjoyable movement sequences designed to boost attention, sharpen focus, strengthen memory, heighten motivation, and capture the joy of vibrant living and learning. Whether you sit back and watch or participate in the novel movements, you will get a leg-up on instant ways to calm and energize yourself naturally, plus handy ways to grow new brain cells and systems to maximize your living and learning potential. Humor and fun prevail in this insightful and delightful program!

Outcomes: All participants will…

Freely choose whether to watch or comfortably participate in the intriguing movement sequences.

Use fun gestures showing neurons, dendrites, genetic expression, axons, myelin, synapses, and neurochemicals – then showing how each is strengthened through specific movements and exercise.

Demonstrate how muscles produce and pump more good-feeling dopamine, the pleasure-reward super-learning chemical that boosts attention and heightens motivation ‘naturally’.

Relate Attention Deficit Disorder and Parkinson Disease to low-levels of dopamine.

Demonstrate how muscles produce and pump norepinephrine for brain arousal and heightened concentration... and more adrenaline the memory fixative.

Know how schools, worksites, and homes can become body/brain friendly, encouraging frequent movement and exercise needed to maximize people’s life-long living and learning potential.

The Presenters:

Jeff Haebig, Ph.D. is founder and president of Wellness Quest, a company specializing in health promotion since 1984. He has co-authored and published 8 wellness books in the Health Care-toons and Toon Ups! series, as well as booklets, audiotapes, videos and DVDs in the areas of self-esteem, tobacco prevention, and body/brain-enhanced teaching and learning. His interactive http://www.wellnessquest.com/ website offers free Health Care-toons, wellness challenges, jokes and inspirational quotes each day. His wellness Quest for Your Best! motivational program inspires individuals, families and groups to pursue higher levels of well-being.

After 31 years as a physical education and health teacher in Rochester Minnesota, Dr. Haebig travels extensively stimulating interest in whole body/brain-enhancing practices spurred by neuroresearch. A champion in public speaking, his specialty is audience involvement, blending humor, excitement, and skill building, while maintaining audience comfort.

Body/brain Boogieman, is recognized internationally for his intriguing ways of adding ‘hip’ to ‘lip’ service, rock n’ role-modeling practical ways of inspiriting learning through sensory-motor stimulation. Standing along side Jeff Haebig, the ‘Boogieman’ invites people to enjoy the magical wonder-workings of their body/brain.

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