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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sexual Addiction (audio)

Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets

Just listened to a satellite
radio program, ‘One Hour At a Time’ with Mary Wood interviewing Claudia Black, author of 'Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets’. To those of us pursing Mindbody health, this topic is of particular interest. It describes the shame-based... fear-based behaviors typically involved with addicted behaviors.

It is likely that people with sexual addictions repeat the same scenario as deception and betrayal repeats itself. Lonely, confused, isolated feelings often persist. The potential for violence and suicide is real. Codependent partners need to hang on to their own truth... believe in their intuition in the face of denial and rationalization. A therapeutic separation can buy time for both partners to work on issues with professionals working in the field. It is important to read books about sexual addiction, visit
Sexaholics Anonymous and Cosa-recovery.org for Codependents, and other sites addressing this issue. Be concerned for children of sexual addicts as dysfunctional behavior takes a toll.

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