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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cell Phone Tower Health (video)

Protest cell phone towers – is it worth it?

Read the research on this blog, December 2nd to know people’s deep health concerns relating to the placement of wireless cells, towers and facilities close to where they live and work. I took my little song and dance… it’s really a Rhythm and Rhyme routine to the City of Scottsdale, AZ Development Review Board, who were considering the placement of a wireless communication facility within a 100 yards of our homes and future city park and playground.

Other groups have protested cell phone towers with petitions and lawyers… I just wanted them to postpone the vote until they read health related research. The result…within a heartbeat following my strange appeal, the proposed tower was passed. There was no discussion. However, to the surprise of the Review Board chairperson, one council member voted ‘nay’. The chairperson responded with two words… “Really?” “Really!”

Watch my brief routine… read a bit of the research posted on December 2nd… and vote. Is this an issue we need to be concerned about?

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