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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 10 Myths about ADHD

Read this article and decide on the 'real' ADHD myth

The first thing I notice as I am reading this article by Jean Rothman on the EverydayHealth website is the Concerta ad above the article, stating “Manage your child’s ADHD symptoms this school year.” Another ad adjacent to the headline says, “Get a FREE Trial.” Start reading this article and notice how many points are made justifying medication to treat ADHD. Notice how many more drug ads are posted along the side and bottom of this article. Are they trying to sell you something?

Now go back and read Thom Hartmann’s article yesterday and Thomas Armstrong’s previous article on this blog giving a different perspective. You tell me… what approach do you want to take… meds or a natural one, accommodating ADHD giftedness?

Be careful, if you or your child is taking meds, a guided approach needs to be taken before removing the drug. Talk with a specialist working with natural dietary, self-management and movement approaches before easing off.

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