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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Neuro Physical Education

Connecting brain science to gym class with upcoming videos

Neuro-education connects brain science to learning. Advances in brain imaging suggest how the body-brain learns best. Most striking is how movement and exercise is essential to attention, focus, learning skills, memory, and motivation. We will soon break this down, using video to shake, rattle n’ show how the body is integral to enhanced brain function.
Learning problems related to sensory and motor system development will receive special attention. Natural movement-based remedies for anxiety, depression, and excess stress will be featured as well.

Rather than talking about this, we will add ‘hip to lip’ making this science come alive with spirited movement. Our goal – helping people of all ages and learning styles achieve their vibrant living and learning potential joyously. Stay posted, interactive Body-BrainBoogie videos are soon to follow.

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