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Monday, August 31, 2009

H. P. E. R. D. is Key to NCLB!

Exercise Natural Steps… ‘Leave NO Child Behind Developmentally!’

Students falling behind in school most often possess immature sensory and motor systems. Such developmental delays have an adverse effect on academic performance skills, including reading, writing, spelling and math.

Strengthening visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive (muscular) and vestibular systems builds a more solid body brain neurological foundation upon which enhanced attention, academic skills, memory, and motivation are built.

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance provide activities designed to mature the body brain, allowing people of all ages to achieve their vast living and learning potential.

Soon this Body-BrainBoogie Blog will feature short videos that ‘Shake, Rattle n’ Role-model’ research-based methods that tap, tap, tap the body-brain! Get the beat on neuroscience, assuring NCLB, NO Child is Left Behind developmentally! Watch the upcoming videos -- better yet, perform the routines lead by Jeff Haebig.

Video sequences will include the following.

Turn On Neurons! Energize! Exercise!
Expand Dendrites Grow Receptor Sites
Hip-Hip Hooray! I Revise My DNA!
BDNF – Body-Brain Cell Miracle Gro
Hippocampus Chop, Retention Tip-top
Gain Brain Speed with Smilin’ Myelin
Rum-rum! Energy Across Cerebrum
Synaptic Adhesion – Give Gap Naps
Peptize! Move Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Prime the Brain – Go-Go Chemicals
Boost Attention – Pump Dopamine
Reticular Activation -- RAS Matazz!
Serotonin Steady! Adrenaline Ready!
End Excess Stress – Neocortex Hex!
Stress for Success, Breathe with Ease
Rah! Rah! Rah! Amygdala De Dah!
Nah-nah No-no GABA Take Control
Calm Down -- Relax Muscle Spindles
Integrate Celebrate! Primary Reflexes
Auto Sequence -- Ring the Cerebellum
Pedal Brake – Regulate the Cingulate
Hypo-slow Vestibular – Fidget is Legit!
Hyper Vestibular – Rock It to Calm It!
Rock and Roll, Balance and Spin
Eye-eye! The Eyes Have It! Acuity
Hear-here! Ears Can Hear It! Clarity
Hand It To You! Fine-tune Tactility
Gross-motor Laterality Directionality

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