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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cerebellum Mindbody Marvels

The Treasure at the Bottom of the Brain Contributes to Motor and Mental Dexterity

Henrietta C. Leiner and Alan L. Leiner’s article posted on New Horizons for Learning website, describes the significant part the cerebellum plays in learning and language development. Containing more neurons than all of the rest of the brain combined, the cerebellum quickly processes information from sensory areas of the cerebral cortex, from motor areas, from cognitive and language areas, and even from areas involved in emotional functions.

http://www.newhorizons.org/ New Horizons for Learning website offers News from the Neurosciences – current research-based articles focused on Teaching and Learning Strategies… Transforming Education… Lifelong Learning… Special Needs… and Perspectives on the future.Reading this article helps explain why movement is key to vibrant learning. Recess and daily physical education helps speed the transmissions within the cerebellum. Learning classroom concepts using the cerebellum will help secure learning as it engages the mainframe cerebellum linked to major areas in the brain! Transforming education means that educators understand how the body brain learns best -- then move on it!

Jeff Haebig

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