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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are Big or Small Movements Best?

Which actions boost attention best – large or small?

That is an excellent question. There are many variables that we will soon address; for example, does the child prefer angular, twisting and rotating actions to stimulate their hypo-slow vestibular system, or linear forward and backward movements to calm their over-sensitive hyper vestibular system? Play catchy music and encourage people to move freely – watch how their body brain seeks the most satisfying movements.

You might offer a follow-along movement sequence that combines fine (small) and gross (large) motor movements, with age appropriate complexity that challenges the mind. Physcally connecting gestures to words or lyrics engages the auditory, visual and kinesthetic systems boosting attention. Crossing the body’s vertical mid-line stimulates both sides (hemispheres) of the brain.

In their own way, (moving big or small) encourage people to mimic gestures and echo the words shown on http://www.wellnessquest.com/videos.html. This Vibrant Learning Sequence engages the basal ganglia (brain’s transmission) connecting thinking, feelings and motion. This demands more attention-boosting dopamine (transmission fluid) to aid mindbody shifting. It's also the pleasure/reward chemical raising motivation. Memorizing the gesture sequence recruits the cerebellum, further boosting attentional centers.

Above all, encourage people to move freely in fun, safe and satisfying ways.

Jeff Haebig

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