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Monday, December 1, 2008

Healthy Fundraising from Wellness Quest

Profits go to your music program, church, school, art program, wellness program, child-care center, hospital, worksite, sports team, or other well-meaning group

Cartoonist Ed Fischer and I have produced an amazing perpetual, desktop Health Care-toons Calendar showing 365 Ways to Feel Great!

It took us 25 years and 4 revised calendars to get it right! Each page shows a life-enhancing Health Care-toon, and related Wellness Quest challenge, Health Benefit, Joke, and inspirational Quote.

People love Health Care-toons!

We are offering this fun, undated Health Care-toons Calendar at our production cost as a way of helping people generate money to support their life-enriching activities while inspiring people to seek their highest level well-being. See a description of the fun Health Care-toons Calendar on http://www.wellnessquest.com/fundraising.html.

Your music program, church, school, art program, wellness program, child-care center, worksite, or any other well-meaning group will have an opportunity to earn big money to help its cause.

E-mail me at WellnessQuest@charter.net or call me toll-free, 888-388-WELL if you are interested in taking advantage of this special offer. I will send you more information. Let’s fund your worthwhile cause in a fun and healthy way! You deserve it!

Jeff Haebig


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